What people say about us

The salon has great customer service and great hospitality. I was very disappointed however in the quality of work performed by my stylist. I was very specific when I came in regarding how I wanted my hair done and the stylist told me that she understood (I even showed her a picture of my previous haircut). I did not ask for anything outrageous, or a style that was not done in my hair before. However, after my hair was done it was clear that she lacked the experience and skill to do my hair. The owner did step in to repair the damages and that was a kind gesture. I am not expecting everyone to have the same skill set but basic things like how to mold/wrap hair or curl/cut a pixie cut should be standard. I would have appreciated it if my stylist told me from the beginning that she was not comfortable doing my hair or dealing with my hair texture and referred me to another stylist.

Urania Davis


Natural and Relaxed is a Miami-area salon.